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University of South Florida, College of Fine Arts, Tampa, FL
       Bachelor of the Arts, May 2000.

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Newark, NJ  
       Attended September 1992 through May 1995.


      2002      Creative Voyeurism, Tampa Bay Advertising Federation, Tampa Bay, FL

2000     7th Annual National Open Exhibition, Artists Unlimited, Tampa, FL

2000     Best of Tampa Bay, 2nd Annual Exhibition, Hyde Park Fine Arts, Tampa, FL
       *Emerging Artist Award

1999     Best of Tampa Bay, 1st Annual Exhibition, Hyde Park Fine Arts, Tampa, FL
       *Juror's Choice Award


2002, 2001,    Sin, the Sexiest Party of the Year, the Masquerade, Inc., Tampa, FL

2002     The Cuban Sandwich Show, Viva La Frida Restaurant y Galleria, Tampa, FL

2002     Be One With Your Fun, the Cherokee, Tampa, FL

2002     Acoustical Live Throwdown (live art action), New World Brewery, Tampa, FL

2002     The Sanguinary, the Amphitheatre, Tampa, FL

2002, 2001, 2000   Valentine's Peepshow of Erotic Art, Hyde Park Fine Arts,
              and Gallery on Florida, Tampa, FL

2000     Private Places, Covivant Galleries, Tampa, FL

2000     Ready to Wear, Hyde Park Fine Arts, Tampa, FL

1999     First Annual Print Portfolio Trade and Exhibition, Hyde Park Fine Arts,
  Tampa, FL

1999     Ybor City Art Walk, the Masquerade, Inc., Tampa, FL

1999     The Avant Hop, a Multi-Gallery Group Exhibition, Including:
             Hyde Park Fine   Arts, Gallery on Florida, New Heights Gallery,
             Image Brewery, of the Tampa Bay Area, FL


2002    The Necronomicon, The Crowne Plaza, Brandon, FL

2000     Art for Life, to Benefit the Tampa AIDS Network, Tampa, FL

2000      Annual Women's Show, Positive Expressions, Gulf Port, FL

1999     Art for Life, to Benefit the Tampa AIDS Network, Tampa, FL

1999     Y2K Survival Sale and Auction, Covivant Galleries, Tampa, FL

1999     The Doll Show and First Annual Tea Party, the Mahaffey Theatre,
  St. Petersburg, FL


January 2002 - Present.  Live Art Action Entertainer: The Castle, Club Wild
               Inferno, and The Masquerade, of the Tampa Bay Area

January 2001-April 2001, and to present, as needed, Freelance studio assistant,                   
                Phoenix Glass Studios, Tampa, FL

April 2000 - October 2001,  Freelance gallery assistant, Hyde Park Fine Arts,
               Tampa, FL


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The Saint Petersburg Times, March 14, 1999.

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University of South Florida, Alpha Hall, Tampa, FL          
Kathie Peters-Olivas, Tampa, FL                    
Joe Griffith, Tampa, FL                         
Todd Summer, Newark, NJ                         
David & Susan Rieth, Tampa, FL                    
Ray & Karen Miller, Tampa, FL                    
Jim & Barbara Beeler, Tampa, FL                    
Patrick Martinez, Tampa, FL                        
Mike & Abby Blackburn, Tampa, FL                   
Melinda Stanovack, Tampa, FL                    
Jamie Baldwin, Tampa, FL                         
Ruben Bazarte, Jr., Tampa, FL                   
Richard Olinger, Tampa, FL                         
Cat Thompson, Tampa, FL
Brad Shanks, Tampa FL
Thomas Murray, Tampa, FL
Jasper Holland, Orlando, FL
Elizabeth Wilson, Tampa, FL
Lumina, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Victor Figuerdo, Tampa, FL
 Gibby Lane, Clearwater, FL
 Lisa Brienza, Tampa, FL
Troy Thomas, Orlando, FL
Inferno Lounge, Tampa, FL
The Cherokee, Tampa, FL
Susan Miller, Tampa, FL
Rik Sharpe, Sarasota, FL
Melissa Simard, St. Petersburg, FL
Max Stern, Tampa, FL
Club Wild, Tampa, FL
RJ Schafer, Tampa, FL
Greg Hall, Tampa, FL
Chis Spina