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Artist's statement

These past few years has been quite an emotional whirlwind of life changing events.  Embracing these rites of passage, rather than suppressing rage and masquerading joy, embodies spiritual growth and the wisdom to truly pursue personal fulfillment.    

  All sorts of comedy-tragedy experiences have uniquely affected me as an artist and as a mother.  I express myself visually, and this meditative healing process allows me to create an object through which I can share a universal longing to discover
Tranquility in Vertigo.  
 To experience life in its deepest capacities of happiness, sorrow, fury and hope; to acknowledge everything and understand how to find love, peace and spiritual beauty... even when the long journey is painfully difficult and confusing, is what I will achieve.  

    My beautiful daughter is truly my best art critic and my most amazing work in progress.   Influencing her life in a positive and realistic manner  has motivated me to not let go of my aspirations. She will be even more likely to succeed as an intelligent, creative and beautiful individual.

If you have any questions or suggestions,
 please contact me.
Thank you for your interest and for supporting the arts.